Views From an Urban Lake 2014 Review

I decided to give a little bit of an end of year review, (OK mainly it will be a selection of my best photos of the year), the highlights on the two patches, the best bits away from home etc. I hope you like what is here.

WARNING – There are a lot of photos on this page, so it may be slow loading!

A Year in Review

2014 saw me move from watching Lodge Lake in Great Holm, to watching Manor Farm in Wolverton, a pretty impressive change for me as my bird species totals shot up, but it did mean that I missed spring movement on the new patch (or autumn on the old one?) and so most photos since August have been birds or landscapes (not many insects).

I’ve also decided to not do any captions on the photos, so there are here just for your enjoyment, I do hope you like them. You’ll also notice as the year went on the number of photos increases quite a bit (new camera obviously made a difference!)


Jan was all about Coots, Grebes and Rain for me, judging by the posts. My best photos of the month also reflected this.


Feb was a quiet month for me around Lodge lake but there were some smart birds (Tufted Ducks) and these are the best photos:


One of my busiest months on the blog (20 posts) and the blog kind of took a new direction here, posting more than just my walks, but also reviews and articles about stuff that interested me. Bird wise I got some cracking photos (including one I have wanted to capture for a number of years) and saw some great birds. It was also the start of the insect/bug season.


April was when the bugs and butterflies started to come out in force, it was also remarkably hot (If I recall correctly we had a mini heatwave), and I managed some lovely photos, there was definitely less of an emphasis on birds now.


May really was bugs and butterflies for me (I find summer sun too much for many bird photos).


June saw me get my new camera (Canon 70D) and so I set out with a vengeance to find worthy subjects. there were lots of pretty flowers, interesting bugs and birds. And so there are a lot more photos for June (and the odd video from now on as well!):


Full on summer now so it was more butterflies, dragonflies, bees, bugs and anything that crawls (I’m really looking forward to summer on the new patch). Now was also the time that I merged my moth trapping into this blog (moving away from a separate blog as it was on), so Moths also came into the photo front. July also saw a couple of off patch trips to Tring for the museum and park (where I took photos and entered a competition for which I was shortlisted!) and to the tear drop lakes (in MK) for White legged damselfly.


August was the month of the big move so less walks but the location did change (I also had a weekend at the British Birdfair), Now the new patch kicked off really well with birds like a Pectoral sandpiper (a real rarity) – sadly no photo – and Redstarts the best birds.


September and I was fully ensconced in the new patch, waders were streaming through as were migrants (flycatchers, redstarts and Whinchat). I was also already fast approaching 100 birds for the patch (in under 2 months!!)


Autumn was now in full swing but the wonderful world of bugs and birds kept giving on the patch. it also saw me make an excursion out to my first ever deer rut! And what an amazing day that was (with some great photos).


November saw me take a few trips away from the patch (Willen and Walton lakes in Milton Keynes and a week in Margate) but it did give me some great bird photos.


Finally on to December, and I must admit I have not got out as much as I would like this month, but when I have I think I have managed some cracking photos.

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