2500 Miles Sept Update

2500 Miles Sept Update - Bridge at New Bradwell purple skies

September has proven to be my second best month, so far this year, in terms of walking distances, not only have I managed to keep the miles trotting through, but there was also my longest single walk to date, and Tolkien distances passed, but of course more on those later.

2500 MILES September UPDATE


September Total: 228.2
2017 Total: 1963


Sadly no change in donations, seems my money raising for Birding For All is stagnating a bit, I'm not sure if it is my lack of promotion skills or the charity just not being one that is capturing the imagination, I suspect the latter a little as many people won't feel they have been affected personally.

Best Bits

A lot of my walking this month hasn't been traditional hikes across the countryside, sadly, mainly walks to and from work or school runs, but the totals do add up, however there have been a few highlights.
I guess the real highlight of the month was my 30 mile walk from Tring to Milton Keynes, not only because of the distance but also the lovely views along the Grand Union Canal.
Another months highlight, for me in my geekdom, would be the surpassing of a major milestone in overall miles, reaching the mileage that the hobbits walked in Lord of the Rings on their epic journey from Hobbiton to Mount doom - Leaving the Shire.

Photographic Highlights

Sunset over the Grand Union
Sunset over the Grand Union

Sunset under the arches
Sunset under the arches

Morning Sheep
Morning Sheep

Shaggy Horses
Shaggy Horses

Emerald Damselfly
Emerald Damselfly

In for the Kill - Kestrel stooping
In for the Kill

Evening on the Canal
Evening on the Canal

Low Autumn Sun on the Grand Union
Low Autumn Sun on the Grand Union

I'm Walking 2500 miles in 2017 to raise money for Birding For All - Read about it here - Please consider donating through My Donate

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  1. I also love the month of September. Your pictures of September look amazing. My personal development for the month of September was to start taking more pictures. That's so awesome that you're walking 2500 miles to fundraise money for Birding For All.


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