Top 5 Gift Ideas for a Wildlife Lover

Top 5 Gift Ideas for a Wildlife Lover
Top 5 Gift Ideas for a Wildlife Lover
I thought this year in the run up to Christmas (I'm sure it applies to wildlife lovers the year round if I'm honest) I’d write one of those popular list things (Yup the internet seems to love lists, no idea why) all about some wildlife related gifts, after all I know it can be tough picking items for loved ones and knowing a few things might just help a few people out (ideally I’d suggest buying local from small producers, but that doesn't really apply this list, you’ll see why as you read on). So here are my Top 5 Gift Ideas for a Wildlife Lover.

Top 5 Gift Ideas for a Wildlife Lover

  1. Bird Feeders – If your wildlife lover has a garden then you can never have too many (actually those without a garden can still have bird feeders there are many that fit to windows), and there are some absolutely fabulous ones out there, it doesn't have to be the plain metal or plastic hangers no there really are some special ones out there. CJ Wildlife do some amazing ones!
  2. Magazine Subscription – There are hundreds of magazines in this world (although not enough are wildlife based in my opinion, far too many gossip magazines!) in the wildlife world there are also quite a few and most of us will not subscribe to many, maybe one or two, so a great gift idea is to buy them a subscription to their favourite (or at least one they don’t already have) magazine, this is a gift that will keep giving all year round.
  3. Society Membership – I’m a member of the RSPB, the Butterfly Conservation Society, British Dragonfly Society (BDS), Birding For All [Free] and would be a member of many more if I had the money but sometimes funds are limited so you need to pick one or two. Well why not surprise your wildlife loving friend or loved one with a membership, this will keep giving to them throughout the year (don’t just think national though there are some great local organisations that can offer wonderful membership).
  4. Books – There are hundreds of books published on wildlife each year that I personally would love to own and read, however they do not always come cheap! Buying your loved one, one of their preferred titles is a great way to produce a smile (National Book tokens, Amazon Gift Card [affiliate link] or vouchers from companies like the NHBS, Natural History Book Shop, may save duplication).
  5. Art Work – There are some amazing artists and photographers out there who specialise in wildlife as their subject (self-promotion here: you can buy some of my work from the Buy Prints link on the menu or by clicking here) , why not consider buying something arty for your loved one, many of us dream of having amazing art covered walls but find it hard to justify spending on ourselves in this way, a wonderful gift would be to receive some fabulous wildlife art.

Bonus Item

While writing this out into best (I actually draft my posts) I thought of a 6th item to add so as a bonus here it is:

  • Bird Houses - We are currently designing our new garden to be as wildlife friendly as possible and one item we want to add a few of are bird boxes (also bat boxes and Insect homes), like the bird feeders above there are some stunning models out there, it doesn't just have to be the plain ones, and there are designs for a multitude of species (I'm planning on adding communal sparrow boxes to my garden).

So there you have my top 5 6 gift Ideas for wildlife lovers, hopefully they will give you some ideas on what you could look into for your loved one, and hopefully some of them are a change from the usual.


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