Bird Feeding Station

Peanut Bird Feeder
Peanut Bird Feeder
Today we finally managed to put up our bird feeding station in the back garden, it has taken us a while since we moved in, knowing there was no really hurry as the weather has been mild and it will take a while for the birds to find it, but as there have been a few frosts recently we made sure it is now up and stocked.

Half Full Feeders

As mentioned above I know it will take a while for the birds to find the feeding station (none in the first day) so we have only half filled the different feeders (as you can see) but we have a nice selection of foods, Niger seeds for the finches, mixed seed for others, some peanuts, and some fat balls (of two kinds) the pink ones are high in fat.

Bird Feeding station
Bird Feeding station

Bird Feeding Station

The actual feeding station was one we brought on Amazon and fits together very well, there are a number of arms and they all have tightening bolts to make sure they don't slip. the last one we had (in our old house) was much cheaper but not as sturdy or with as many arms. We do plan on adding more around the garden when we have the time, as well as bird boxes for next summers breeders.

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