Why I Oppose Fracking Part III

Why I Oppose Fracking
Why I Oppose Fracking
If you have come here after reading Part I & Part II then thank you for taking the time to read all my meandering thoughts, if not I advise you to go back and take a look (this post really doesn't stand alone). In Part III I offer my thoughts on what we should do instead a few details about alternatives, subsidies and what we can do (especially around the home), there is also a section for further reading (if you have any other suggestions please leave the link in the comments and I'll add them). And so on with Why I Oppose Fracking Part II.

Why I Oppose Fracking Part III


Now I can see you asking what do I think we should be doing instead? Well if I’m honest there are so many different renewable resources out there that we should be looking to add as many as we can of different types, it should never be an all of one type situation, various methods mean that constant energy production can be achieved and we can move away from fossil fuels. My preferences are for:

  • Tidal - although I do worry what effect this will have on the environment if they were to build on places like the Severn estuary
  • Wave power - should be used much more, and money given for research (there are some great innovations in that area http://www.pelamiswave.com/ ) especially as an island nation we should have a lot more work focused on this type of energy production in my humble opinion.
  • Solar - Although the process for creating the panels isn't the most environmentally friendly (although lifetime Co2 emissions associated are way below natural gas or coal)  I believe a lot more could be done, and it doesn't have to be endless fields of solar panels, more could be done to encourage schools, warehouses, etc. to add them to their roofs.
  • Wind – I'm not a huge fan, their impact on certain elements of the environment (birds hitting blades) can be an issue (depending on who you believe), but offshore wind farms can produce good amounts. And there is a place for some onshore farms as well, in my opinion. And it is currently (2014) the cheapest renewable.

Off Shore Wind Farm, Margate
Off Shore Wind Farm, Margate


But there are issues here, what alternatives and renewables need is funding and subsidy, I can here you moaning now why should we subsidise renewables all the time of they can’t make money or enough energy then we shouldn't help them out, and OK that sounds fair until you look into it. The subsidy on renewable energy is capped at £200 million (in 2013) yet we subsidised oil and gas to a tune of £2.6 billion (again 2013), this is usually via tax breaks.  For more on that read Fossil Fuel Subsidies

And then things like this happen - War on windfarms - and you start to wonder even more about how the UK government gets too much funding from fossil fuels companies, Some things are sent to just make your blood boil.

Around the Home

There are a variety of different energy saving (and money saving) processes that we could employ around our homes to help reduce the need for fossil fuels and thus reduce the demand for fracking, and yes I do know that is mainly industry that uses energy (over people anyway) but every little helps.

  • Energy efficient electrical goods – AAA+ rated electronics will help reduce consumption.
  • LED light bulbs – these are coming down in price and are just as bright as their traditional counterparts now and they use a fraction of the power.
  • Solar heating/Geothermal pump heat – two methods that more houses SHOULD be built with, I know adding them can be prohibitive but when new houses are built some of these things should be compulsory in my opinion.
  • Grey water – Yes slightly off topic but we spend billions cleaning water (and use a lot of energy in the process) just to flush our toilets!
  • Better insulation – yeah I know people go on and on about this, but if your house holds the heat better you need to use less energy to heat it!
I ought to point out (so as not to come over as preachy) I personally have mainly LED bulbs as I am slowly replacing energy saving ones (no point wasting what is there) Our washing machine is AAA+ rated (and uses low water etc.) and we are looking at Solar panels soon (not long moved in so other expenses to deal with first) and will be checking/increasing insulation in the next few weeks.

Further reading

There are plenty of places you can find out information on fracking, and below are a few links, I’d also recommend watching the film Gasland but here are a few other links for you:

So there you have it my thoughts on the whole fracking debate, I hope I have given reasons that will give a few people pause for thought (although maybe not), and I hope those reading it will agree with some (please feel free to point people this way if you do). I do apologise for the length of this post and the slightly more political side of my nature, but sometimes you have to get your thoughts out.

And if you have stuck it out till the end and read all of this then I thank you, you may now feel free to comment away (it doesn't just have to be on this post, feel free to post on the page that the comment is about). I'm happy to hear both sides of the argument, although I'm very unlikely to change my viewpoint, but please do try to keep it friendly, abusive comments will not be posted..

Don't forget to check out Part I and Part II

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