Why I Oppose Fracking Part II

Why I Oppose Fracking
Why I Oppose Fracking
Hopefully you will have read Why I Oppose Fracking Part I before arriving here, if not please click on the link and read that first as it sets the scene for Part II (and Part III when it is posted). In Part ii I aim to lay out more of the environmental impacts I feel it will have adversly on us as people and the country/planet as a whole as well as some of the more worrying aspects and potential lies we are being fed. Anyway onto Why I Oppose Fracking Part II

Why I Oppose Fracking Part II

Environmental Impact

Firstly a few of the major environmental impacts can be seen in the list below, they are not everything but a few of the major points.

  • Road traffic – Each gas well requires 400 tanker trucks to supply water (taken from Dangers of Fracking) this also links to health impacts as there has even been a perceived link in road traffic deaths in US states as fracking increases in the region - Texas Traffic Deaths 
  • Water usage – it uses between 1 and 8 million gallons of water to complete each fracture (much of the water which cannot be re-used due to the chemicals involved) in the US there are approx. 500000 wells you do the math on how much water is required to produce the gas, and in a world where water is becoming much more precious should we allow so much waste?
  • Approx. 40000 gallons of chemicals are added to that water.
  • Chemicals – up to 600 different chemicals are used in the fracking industry, including known Carcinogens and toxins (Lead, Mercury, Uranium, and Formaldehyde etc.) and many more not always known about.

It is estimated that under half of the fluid used in the process is recovered, so what does that mean happens to the other half? It remains in the ground, now what are the chances that this will remain neatly in the area it has been used? If there is any risk that in the future this water will leech back out and contaminate the ground or water should we still really be saying yes?


Now I mentioned this once in an argument with someone on Facebook, and they laughed at me thinking earthquakes were always natural, I quickly provided them with a number of links and information going back years showing the link between fracking and earthquakes (yet still the person derided the link, some people never want to hear the truth) anyway here are a few articles detailing links: Evidence Fracking and Earthquakes (Eco Watch)  or Oklahoma Earthquakes, Fracking and Waste Water (The Guardian) or Direct Link Between Earthquakes and Fracking (Think Progress) even pro fracking sites know there is a link (although they do play down the risks) Fracking and Earthquakes (Energy From Shale) 

Now I’m not saying that these earth quakes are going to ruin houses, and kill thousands they are very minor, but I would have thought (I am not a scientist so I accept if this is wrong) that with an earth tremor there is an increased risk that the pipes, containing the fracking fluid of the gas, could become damaged or that the layers between the shale and our aquifers could crack and harmful chemicals could seep into our water supplies.

The Lie About Lower Costs

I have heard the argument that it would reduce our fuel bills but let’s face it this has to be the biggest lie going, energy companies make higher profits year after year and our costs just go up, why would an extra source of gas lower our bills? It wouldn't, it would just give big business more profit. People use the USA as an example but they already have lower costs than us as they produce huge amounts of oil, the UK doesn't!  even the leader of the largest shale gas company in the UK agrees - Fracking will Not Reduce UK Gas Prices (The Guardian) - Now I am open to being proved wrong here but I honestly don’t see it happening.
Too many assumptions

Our government has believed hands down what they are told by the energy/fracking companies (the power of political lobbying and political parties being privately funded maybe?), it is assumed that our “stringent” regulations will keep things safe but accidents happen, people make mistakes and relying on our regulations will not stop this (it has never stopped other accidents from occurring has it?).

Removal of Our Rights to Not Have Work Going Under Our Homes!

Now I for one think if a company wants to drill under people’s homes in ANY way they should have permission for the homeowners, especially where hydraulic fracturing is concerned, pumping tonnes of potentially harmful chemicals into the ground to open up fractures may well end up causing irreparable damage to people’s homes (small earthquakes, noxious gases, chemical leakage, poisoned water!) and believe it or not over 90% of people agree (according to the Guardian - Public opposition (The Guardian)), so why our government is trying to offer large corporations carte blanche to do as they feel under our homes is beyond me (maybe there is some link between how they get money and who they support, because it doesn't seem to me that they are doing things for the good of us the people!!). 

This is actually potentially more serious as the proposed bill will allow ANY substance to be used under homes, that means that incredibly harmful chemicals can be used as and when the companies please, it in effect creates a similar loophole to the “Haliburton Loophole" that is in effect in the US.

For more information have a read of this: Government to Allow Fracking Under Homes (The Guardian) - LINK NO LONGER WORKING

Proven Harm of Fossil Fuels

Although Gas is a better fuel to use in terms of CO2 omissions than coal it is still quite harmful and fracking will not really help to solve the potential issues of climate change - Fracking Link to Emission Rise (The Guardian) 

Finally there is the fact that we should, as a world, be moving away from reliance on the finite resource that is fossil fuels, we all know the harm these are doing the environment and I’m not going to give links to sites backing me up as you can find thousands out there (climate change deniers aside – incidentally if I and the scientific community are wrong about climate change and we do something anyway we have lost nothing but gained a nicer world if you are wrong then we are all in a world of trouble, so maybe you should say you don’t agree but will do your bit anyway?), but beyond that if we do not move more into a renewable world then we will eventually run into the issue of having nothing left to power us!

Part III - Alternatives, subsidies and around the home (again as with Part I please allow all parts to be posted and read them all if you plan on commenting, I may have already answered your comment there).

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  1. The very idea of frackling makes my blood boil and my heart sink. The bottom line is that fracking and any other fossil fuel consumption is not the answer. We need to save this planet and we haven't got long to do it. We have already killed thousands of species of animals and plants and we can't go on in the same way. Companies and supporters of fracking just have £ signs in their eyes.
    Miss Tulip
    The Thrifty Magpies Nest

    1. I wish I could disagree with you last comment but the sad truth is too many people put money before everything else, I would love to meet some of these people and ask them face to face why they hate their children and their grandchildren so much that they want to leave them a ruined planet!


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