Milton Keynes Green Party

Milton Keynes Green Party
Milton Keynes Green Party
As regular readers will know I recently Nailed my Colours to the Mast in favour of the Green Party for the 2015 General Election in the United Kingdom, but I thought I should do more to show my support and raise awareness, in fact I hope to add more and more support to the green party and more posts for them over the coming months, especially locally, and supporting my local candidates as the time nears for the 2015 general elections in May, (yup the blog does seem to have taken a slightly more political turn recently, sorry but I guess I've decided to use my voice as more than just a vehicle to showcase my wildlife photos, but don't worry there will still be plenty of that too, but do please try and read these more politically motivated posts, you never know it might change your mind on some things after all the Green party are NOT just a single issue party). And so I thought I would start today and promote the Milton Keynes Green Party a little in this post.

Milton Keynes Green Party

For those who don't know the Milton Keynes Green Party are standing two candidates in Milton Keynes in the coming elections one in each ward (North and South); Milton Keynes North - Jennifer Marklew and Milton Keynes South - Samantha Pancheri (click on the names for information about each candidate and where they come to politics from etc.).

One thing that I think it is important to tell you about is the way in which the greens fund things like elections, in the case of the two ladies standing locally they have set up a crowd sourcing page to try and earn the money to allow for things like the deposit and the more (especially to fund leaflets etc.), now this may sound an odd way to fund an election campaign but we as a country need to separate big business and politicians, too much is being "donated" to those in power to influence policies and OUR lives! You can donate at

Social Media

Money isn't the only way to support the local party and candidates though, you can always donate your time to help (deliverying pamphlets and more) but in this digital age supporting through social media can be just as powerful as physical leaflets (just ask the Tunisians), so here are some links that you might like to check out:

Go visit them, like them, share some statuses, follow them and retweet their message, help get the word out that these people want to make a change in our country

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