Nailing my Colours to the Mast

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Real Change
I've always tried to keep politics off my blog as much as possible (well with the exception of a couple of anti hunting posts) preferring to leave my thoughts on Facebook or Twitter, but I think now is the time to squarely nail my colours to the mast and openly declare support for one part and stir up a little controversy (watch out for more controversial posts coming up!). I'm fed up with the inequalities of politics being debated across the mainstream media while my party of choice, the only party out there that cares for people and the planet, get neglected for scaremongering, or pandering in many cases, political parties that pretty much all do the same thing; caring only for big business and money. And so with that outrageous comment stated I am nailing my colours to the mast, in true political fashion, in support of the Green Party .

Nailing my Colours to the Mast

OK so maybe it comes as no shock that I support a party that has high environmental credentials, but beyond that I support their social policies (yup they actually have a manifesto and policies that detail pretty much everything you'd expect, unlike some apparently popular parties of a purple persuasion!). What you haven't heard their policies? Well that comes as no surprise currently there seems to be a complete whitewash of the green party from our usual media channels; the BBC in particular seem to have neglected their growing popularity. (Please sign the debate petition to get them included -

I don't have the space to list everything in their manifesto so would rather encourage you to read their website or the mini manifesto from the recent European elections to gather further information (information is key in any fight).

Here are a few taken from their website though:

Building a fairer society

The Green Party would:
  • Oppose austerity. There is an alternative – investment in a low carbon economy, creating real jobs of the future.
  • Turn the national minimum wage into a genuine living wage so that everyone can put food on the table and pay the bills.
  • Build truly affordable housing, and stop demolishing existing homes.
  • Scrap the welfare cap to ensure that we can truly help the poorest and most vulnerable in our society.
  • Enforce a cap on bankers’ bonuses and reduce the pay gap between those at the top and those at the bottom.
Health and Education:

Free for everyone

The Green Party would:
  • Stop the privatisation of our National Health Service and where possible reverse public service sell offs.
  • Scrap university tuition fees.
  • Protect the pay, conditions and status of professionals in health and education – cutting back on their paperwork and freeing them to do their jobs.
  • Bring Free Schools and Academies under Local Authority control and build the next generation of high quality local comprehensive schools.

I'm Not Alone

I have noticed as the year has gone on that there has been a rise in support for the greens, more and more people I know who were once, like me, staunch Labour voters (socialists) moving over to supporting the greens, something that may be obvious (especially if you check out their manifesto they are indeed a socialist party in many ways), but it is more than that, there was a recent blind survey of policies (a list of policies where you had to select which best fitted your thoughts but didn't know whose policies they were) the Green parties policies came out on top, yup that's right they beat Labour, Tory and Lib Dem over all and in many policy areas they were clear winners (Crime, Education & Health to name just three).

Check it out for yourself if you don't believe me - - maybe you too are actually a green!! (Incidentally UKIP only finished outside the bottom 2 twice, and never beat the greens).

It is yet another reason why they should be seen as a major party in the run up to the 2015 elections, maybe if they were given a voice more they would offer a real chance of change.

I would never tell someone who to vote for but you should arm yourselves with the facts so please take a look at the green policies and make your own mind up.

Taken from the Greens Website -

Vote for Real Change

We’re fed up with policies that tinker around the edges.
We want real change that benefits people and the environment.
A real change: from austerity and welfare cuts to investment in decent jobs.
A real change: from privatisation for the benefit of the 1% to public management of essential services not driven by corporate greed.
A real change: from subsidies to fracking and dependence on fossil fuels to a sustainable world we can pass on to our children.
The Green Party stands for the real change we need. Real change for today and tomorrow. Real change to your life.

So there you go, my thoughts, a few policies and even a petition to sign, I think I have squarely nailed my colours to the mast.

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  1. Well... as I actually joined a few months ago, and will be hosting local meetings all I can say is 'way to go'!

    1. Excellent stuff, and well done as you're deep into UKIP country!!


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