Views From an Urban Lake is Moving

Before you start thinking you have to remember (or bookmark) a new link, the URL will remain the same but the location the blog comes from will no longer be Lodge Lake and surrounding area in Milton Keynes (although there may well still be posts on that location). No My family and I are finally moving to our new place (something we have needed for a while too many of us in a 3 bed house). From now on the patch will be based around Old Wolverton/Wolverton Mill area or more precisely the fantastic birding spot of Manor Farm and Stony Stratford nature reserve.

The New Patch

My new patch area will much larger than my current patch (mainly because I will have more open space around me) and will be from the Viaduct near Haversham along the river Ouse all the way to Stony Stratford nature reserve, and area that encompasses Manor Farm, currently Milton Keynes best birding spot.

Map of Patch

The area is the darker shaded section with a thin green line around it. As you can see it's quite a large area to cover, but I'm looking forward to it.I'll add more points of interest over time.

Further Information

Now some of you may know that this was once my local patch (my first website many, many years ago was based on wildlife watching here) before life changes in 2004/5, this was before the gravel workings when the fields were just grass and sheep (I once rescued a lamb stuck in the river), so I know it quite well and am looking forward to re-investigating the area.

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  1. Looking forward to posts from your new location. Hope the move itself goes well. (I've sworn to never move again.)

    1. Thank you, I'm looking forward to spending some time on the new patch :)


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