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Linnet (random pic) - Sandwich Bay, Kent
Linnet (random pic) - Sandwich Bay, Kent
I'll admit it this is an odd post, not really about wildlife or a review, in fact more like an advert, yes I know not really in the spirit of things, but I wanted to promote a couple of posts from other blogs, one which is along similar lines to my post on Encouraging Children into Wildlife and the other is actually about me, yup, someone likes my insect photography to want to write a post all about me!!

About Me

I'll start with the latter, after seeing my posts on twitter I was contacted by the people at 7 DayShop asking if I was OK with them publishing something about me and my photos, of course I was very flattered and jumped at it. Well it is now live so please do take a look:


The Way we Were

This second article is a bit of nepotism, it was written by my old man Bo Beolens, but as I said it covers a similar topic to my Encouraging Children in Wildlife, and yeah you may recognise some of the images as they are mine. Anyway here's the link.


Shameless promotion of other blogs that I have a link with over, I'll be back to regular posting soon (just as soon as this weeks work is over and done with - 2 days 2 nights and Bo's birthday thrown in there as well).

Please feel free to leave me a comment, I really appreciate the interaction and will reply as soon as I can. I apologise for any issues with posting comments, but sometimes Google's blogger platform plays up.

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