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European Robin
European Robin
I don't normally go for political posts (I leave them to my personal Facebook profile lol) but there is a current proposal from Natural England - The body that advises the government on the natural environment in the UK - To allow birds nest to be destroyed under general license, which means there is no need for a license to remove nests. And for what reason? Well because they may  "Present a potential hazard"?? Seriously, that is utter rubbish. As well as the birds listed below they are trying to make a case for Mallard and Greylag Geese to be added to the general license.

It is a complex affair adding and removing birds from the list, in the past there have been some worrying mistakes (Great Black-backed Gull were removed and then re-added when their numbers declined drastically) and I'm not going to go into full details as I just don't have the facts but the Guardian has a good article on the subject here:

The Affected Birds

European Robin
Pied Wagtail
Eurasian Starling

What can you do

Consultation has finished (unfortunately) but you can sign the petition (up until the 31st May) here - STOP THE CALL FOR THE KILLING OF BIRDS

Why I am opposed

Taking aside the obvious that I don't think birds nest should be destroyed by anyone my real issue is Natural England's reasons health and safety is NOT an issue to remove birds nests.

I do question why this is now being pushed out when so many birds are already struggling (especially Starlings), and I do have to question the fact that Andrew Sells was put in charge of national England in 2013 (The man is a chartered accountant not an ecologist or environmentalist?) in the first place. But what worries me more is that surely it is a conflict of interest allowing someone who is a founder of a development company who specialise in brown field development to hold the senior position in a national organisation that should be protecting our wild areas, but I guess that is a separate issue.

Or is it? There is an interesting article here: on the whole subject that throws more accusations than I would dare do - including the issues builders face with nesting birds!

Anyway please sign and try and help stop some of our best known birds being threatened.

Please feel free to leave me a comment, I really appreciate the interaction and will reply as soon as I can. I apologise for any issues with posting comments, but sometimes Google's blogger platform plays up.

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