Bio Blitz day tomorrow and I'm working

Lesser Stag Beetle - Fund in my garden
Lesser Stag Beetle - Fund in my garden
Bit of a disappointment as I'm working days tomorrow and it is the day of the Garden Bio Blitz, thankfully it is still light when I get home so can do a little checking with my daughter and I might pop the trap out for an hour or so as well.

What might turn up?

No idea what I am likely to find, we've seen some interesting creatures in the garden at different times, but I must admit to not really looking as close as I should, so maybe now is the time to start recording it all properly.

I know we get Lesser Stag Beetle (see pic) and I've recorded a few different ladybird species, as well as pond skimmers (yeah odd as no water but the came to the light trap one evening), I've recorded good numbers of moths and the trapping there is still going well and new species are being recorded regularly, so you just never know.

Came to the light trap one evening
Not sure I ever named this beetle?
Came to the light trap one evening.

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