Regatta Isotex Pink Snow Boots – Review

Regatta Isotex Pink Snow Boots (size 11 kids) | £19.97 (sale price) | Go Outdoors |

Regatta, Isotex, Pink Snow boots for kids (Size 11)
Regatta, Isotex, Pink Snow boots for kids (Size 11)
When my daughter saw my wellies (or rather when she tried them on and spent all day wandering around the house in size 10 wellies) she decided she wanted some like mine. Unfortunately Go Outdoors and Dunlop don’t do pink ones! So we had a wander around the “local” outdoor shops until we found these boots (I say local Milton Keynes only does chain stores, one of the few things I dislike about my town): Waterproof snow boots in bright pink, what more could an adventurous outdoors loving girly girl 4 year old want?

Regatta Isotex Pink Snow Boots – Review 

Firstly she tells me the boots are really comfortable (they are actually a size too large as they didn’t do her size but a thick pair of socks stops slipping). [Actually while I’m here some advice when fitting kids shoes don’t check the toes and how near the front they are, all kids feet slip in shoes, instead check if there is space at the heel when they are stood up walking], and warm (putting your hand in you can feel how warm they are) and so far I think this is true, when we go for a walk her feet are not frozen when she returns, which they usually were when she was wearing her rubber wellies.

As with my own boots these can be tightened at the top with a velcro strap in order to prevent snow (or water) getting inside the boot and for a more comfortable, tight fit and I personally think this is a great idea (all boots should come like this), so far on our walks through puddles her feet have stayed dry, again her wellies would end up half full of water (believe me when she splashes she really splashes and it can get very wet in there!).

As fabric boots rather than rubber wellies I was a little worried that they wouldn't be very waterproof thankfully I was wrong and there is actually one huge advantage, you can very easily throw them in the wash! In fact these have been washed at least twice and she has owned them under a month!!
Regatta, Isotex, Pink Snow boots for kids (Size 11)
Regatta, Isotex, Pink Snow boots for kids (Size 11) Sorry I will add a pic of my girl wearing them when I can, problem is it's nice weather!

So far I can see no downsides, so I would highly recommend them if you have small girls, they are not cheap when compared to wellies but by no means were they expensive either and if they keep my baby girls feet warm and dry they are well worth it (and I’m sure we will have snow soon so they will get even more use!).

I received no payment for this review (and in fact paid for the item myself) and have no affiliation with Regatta or Go Outdoors – Of course if they would like to pay me I’d happily accept!

Please feel free to leave me a comment, I really appreciate the interaction and will reply as soon as I can. I apologise for any issues with posting comments, but sometimes Google's blogger platform plays up.



  1. They look like a reliable pair of boots! Love :)

    1. She loves them, so all good with me :)


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