Pledge to Fledge

My kids enjoying local wildlife
My kids enjoying local wildlife
As regular readers of my blog will know I’ve been writing a few posts on encouraging wildlife love in children, and while researching this I came across two websites that I wanted to share firstly which is an American website that is all about encouraging birdwatching in kids through schools/teachers:

“The Fledging Birders Institute is a non-profit environmental education organization with the dual mission of enhancing the healthy development of our youth with the profound benefits of birdwatching AND promoting public awareness of avian diversity and factors which threaten it thereby fostering a societal bird conservation ethic.” 

I am now thinking we need something similar in the UK (maybe the RSPB need to look at something similar or maybe Birding for All could involve themselves, I’ll have to put a different hat on and speak to the guys).

Pledge to Fledge

Anyway the above led me to an initiative to get birders across the world out showing non-birders the birdlife, I think this is a great idea:

"I pledge to actively share my enthusiasm for birds with non-birders by taking them into the field to show them birds and foster their own appreciation for birds whenever possible. I will strive to be friendly, patient, helpful, and welcoming when approached by ‘non-birders’ or asked about birds by acquaintances.  I believe that individual birders, as part of an international grassroots movement, can effect positive and profound change for our shared birds and their future.” 
Local Kingfisher - Milton Keynes
Local Kingfisher - Milton Keynes
I am happy to talk to people I meet (I often end up conversing with locals who walk past me, usually about the Kingfishers; everyone is as obsessed with these stunning birds). Over the weekend I will take my kids out to see the local birdlife, and make sure I engage more thoughtfully than I often do (I’ll even leave my camera at home). I’ve put out an offer to my friends to show them around as well, but we’ll see what that brings.

The Dates

The dates for this year’s event are April 25th to April 27th, it’s a worthwhile activity so join in if you can.

Please feel free to leave me a comment, I really appreciate the interaction and will reply as soon as I can. I apologise for any issues with posting comments, but sometimes Google's blogger platform plays up.

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