Hi-gear Waterproof Trousers – Review

Hi-Gear Waterproof trousers
My rubbish product shot of the trousers, sorry.
With half term, loads of Rain and dull days at work, I haven’t been able to get out much (well the odd walk home of a morning after work, or 10 minutes walking the dog but nothing of real note, and certainly no new birds), so I thought rather than leave the blog without any postings I thought I would add a couple of reviews of some outdoors gear I have recently bought, so here is the first:

Hi-gear waterproof trousers | £23.70 (on sale) | Go Outdoors |

This review is for Hi-gear Lined waterproof trousers (please be aware these are NOT over-trousers) I bought (they were technically a birthday present, but I chose them). Now I mainly went for these as trousers suitable for cycling to work in (I have a really expensive pair of Country Innovations waterproof trousers I wear for birding, they are green, really warm and I can sit in gorse without caring!), but I have found myself using these trousers for my walks quite a bit.

They are light weight, and lined so I don’t need to wear trousers under them (I dislike over-trousers, I find them very sweaty), although I often wear a base layer pair on cold days, and best of all they are highly breathable, I don’t find myself building up a sweat in them so much as with over trousers or similar.

Looks wise they look at first glance like a pair of jogging bottoms the fabric is matt black and not the heavy plastic feel you would expect, with an elastic waist they remain comfortable through the day and have adjustable bottoms so I can remove them over boots if needed (although I’m pretty sure no one wants to see that!!) They have one zip up pocket, ideal to keep a phone or notebook dry and one zip up opening into your leg area (sounds odd when I write that) so if you have light trousers or shorts under etc. you can still utilise the pockets.

As for their weather protection well so far so good, I’ve had them around a month in the wettest winter on record and they have kept me dry in all weather, are warm, while not being hot, and seem pretty windproof, which is great. I love that they are easily washable (40 degrees wash!) so many times trousers like this are hand wash or wipe clean only, so this is great.

My only gripe is that they are a magnet for lint when in the wash, you know those tiny bits of fluff that get stuck and stay there unless you have a sticky roller or the likes, but this doesn’t detract from the trousers really.

I could have spent a whole heap more money and not got as comfortable, light weight pair of water proof trousers and I must say I am really over the moon with these. (I'll add some photos at some point, no time right now sorry!).

DISCLAIMER: I received no payment for this review (and in fact paid for the item myself, so not a PR exercise) and have no affiliation with either Hi-gear or Go Outdoors – Of course if they would like to pay me I’d happily accept ;) these are my own thoughts and are not influenced in anyway by either company or financial gain (there was none!), just in case people think I am a paid blogger (I wish).

Please feel free to leave me a comment, I really appreciate the interaction and will reply as soon as I can. I apologise for any issues with posting comments, but sometimes Google's blogger platform plays up.



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