Finally a pay off

This year when working nights I have got a lift to work in order to walk home and be at the lake around first light (so before too many joggers or dog walkers) and it has done nothing, not a single exciting bird has fallen in my lap, until this morning!! I arrived at the lake as the light was becoming "birdable" and it at first appeared as dead as usual (in fact there were only a couple of Mallards) that was until I neared the feeding area and spotted my first Tufted Duck of the year a stonking male, quickly followed by my second, this time a female!

So that is three (3) of my eight (8) target birds (2 of which are pipe dreams really) for Feb already achieved, hopefully a skylark or Redpoll will be added soon.

Sorry no photos today I only had my phone and the image I took was so bad you could barely see they were ducks!!

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