On my walk home from work this morning I arrived at the lake just as dawn was breaking so decided to stay for half an hour (before heading home to bed) and see what may pass by or be there already (I had taken my bins with me just in case of this). Any way what happened actually surprised me and it was all about the 'resident' Mallards.

Local Mallards (Not taken today)
Just as I was starting to be able to pick out the species on the lake, a few colours were visible on the Mallard, Coot and Canada geese already, a couple of ducks flew threw at a rate of knots, I assumed these were mallard as the jizz appeared correct, then another 4 ducks flew over and dropped the other side of the spit of land, then another 10 or so all splashed down on the water in front of me, and a further few headed up the lake further, all of them were Mallards! Until this point I had assumed that these birds stayed on the lake all the time (after all there were some there already) so where these birds go to roost over night is now a mystery to me.

I stayed around the lake a little while longer to see if anything else might pass through (still hoping for Goosander) and there was indeed quite a nice movement of gulls through, predominantly Black Headed Gulls, but also 3 Lesser Black-Backed Gulls (2 adults and one scruffy one) and 1 Common Gull, also of note a nice Little Egret left its roost (somewhere on the lake) and headed off up river. 

Quite a few commoner species were also up early, with Great tit, Blue tit and Long-tailed tit all coming to where I was stood, along with Goldfinch, Greenfinch and Chaffinch, a few moving Redwings and Fieldfares, plenty of Starlings, Blackbirds and Robins. In fact it was quite a nice way to spend dawn (although it was mightily cold), and I may do it again quite soon.

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