2014 starts with a whimper

The joys of shift working mean I get plenty of time off to pursue my hobbies (photography & wildlife) but they also mean I have to work unsocial hours and bank holidays, and this year I was lumbered with working the 1st Jan, starting at 07:00 I have to leave my house in the dark and I won't be home till it is dark as well so my new years birding consisted of 5 mins cycling past the lake, all I managed to add was s lone singing BLACKBIRD as I left my front door.

If I'm honest it hasn't stopped raining since I got to work so not missed too much really.

Hopefully I will kick off properly on Friday (change over day), as I have planned a short walk with my good lady and my favourite 4 year old, hopefully I'll get a few good birds and start off the competition properly.

Please feel free to leave me a comment, I really appreciate the interaction and will reply as soon as I can.

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