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Regular visitors to my blog may have noticed a change or two! Ok loads, I have totally revamped the page, and this is how and why:

  • New Menu - A classy drop down menu for a much neater view.
  • New colours - The design has been totally changed to match my moth blog - mothin' in the Garden (I'm trying to tie them together better so while separate they almost feel like one, I'm trying to make these two pages my only personal blogs).
  • Popular Posts - At the very bottom if you hadn't noticed.
  • Page name rather than older/newer at the end of pages - this just looks smarter to me.
  • Social bookmarking links - both on the right menu, on each post and even pintrest buttons on each image (I'm happy to have these things shared, the more visitors the better).
  • Comments - Our comments section looks much nicer now and ties in with the new design (please leave a comment, I like the interaction).
  • Links page - has been updated (under about).
  • New pages - I've added a map of the patch (under about) and a new page about dragonflies in Milton Keynes (under further afield)
  • Reviews - I've also added a section on the reviews I have written for wildlife books etc. These have all been published elsewhere but it's always nice to publish them on other pages.
I'm also trying to make it more search engine friendly and attract new visitors, so if you fancy sharing the site around please do.

Now hopefully I'll be able to get out a bit more in the coming weeks (my daughter has started school so I have more time) and add to my posts as well as adding to the photos.

Please feel free to leave me a comment, I really appreciate the interaction and will reply as soon as I can.

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