Pond dipping

Girl pond dipping with her mum
Pond dipping (Zoe and Bo)
At the British Bird Fair earlier in the month we bought my daughter (4) a pond dipping kit, with the lake just around the corner we thought this would give me and my baby girl something else to do occasionally, well today was our first trip out to have a try. Myself, Zoe and our little girl all went (well why not it was a bank holiday).

We tried a number of spots and saw a lot of tiny things swimming around in the water (not sure I could identify any of them apart from pond snail) but none were particularly rewarding with anything large, the area near the bank seemed quite deep or stony depending on the spot we stopped at.
Our first tray of creature (no idea on any of them)
Our first tray of creature (no idea on any of them)

Bo examining things closely
Bo examining things closely

We did find at least one leech, and a strange insect the seemed to be living inside a shell like contraption stuck fast to a small twig (no clue what this was).

Of note in the area were Brown Hawker, Migrant Hawker and Common Darter in increasing numbers, as well as some quite late #Mallard ducklings.

Mallard Duckling
Mallard duckling

Marmalade Fly (Episyrphus Balteatus)
Marmalade Fly (Episyrphus Balteatus)

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  1. Nature is only the thing that SPRINGs into life, and with photos of that period, lovely.

    1. It all seems to be starting again though so happy days ahead :)


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