Quick update

Not had much time on the patch, kids, tragedy and trips away have curtailed much (although there will be a concerted effort now the weather has improved and I need to lose some weight!), this post will contain a few bits of news, and some images, but that is all (sorry).


1) I believe planning permission has been granted to add a few hundred new houses the other side of the lake (great!!) so there will be lots more noise (and not only during construction) more rubbish, probably more people and more dog mess!.

2) I saw my first Greylag geese on the patch two briefly before being chased off by local a local swan (sorry no pics).

3) Heard my first Chiffchaff of the year, always a nice sign of spring, although not much else would indicate the seasons change yet!

Oh and the swans are still nesting but no sign of anything yet.


Signs of Spring?

An Oak beauty (from my moth trap)


She was still buildling (now she is firmly settled on top, this was a few weeks back)



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