2 Real spring days

I have just had 2 wonderful days out round the patch.

22nd April

A warm but overcast day saw a real influx of warblers to the patch, in fact I got well into double figures of BLACKCAP, and CHIFFCHAFF as well as a lone WILLOW WARBLER and a singing SEDGE WARBLER (I also think I heard a garden warbler but not 100% sure). But it was just so nice to wander around with bird song filling the air. Also of note was a GREY WAGTAIL.

No Cygnets yet but there are some hatched coot now in the area which is lovely top see.

Insects seemed to be creeping back into life as well, with a good few large Bee-Flies around as well as numbers of bees increasing including: Bombus Pascuorum, Bombus bohemicus, Bombus terrestris and an unidentified small bee (seen both days see images)

Bombus bohemicus

Bombus bohemicus

Bombus Pascuorum

Bombus terrestris

23rd April

A gloriously warm day for my walk with my daughter, the sun was out and so were the butterflies, there were BRIMSTONE's everywhere, as well as quite a few PEACOCK and SMALL TORTOISESHELL, added to this were single COMMA, LARGE WHITE and SMALL WHITE, it really felt like spring had sprung.

Bird song was again dominated by warblers although I didn't walk as far (little legs get tired quickly) the same species were encountered with more willow warblers today. Total coot chick count seems to be 5.

sunny river
Enjoying the warmth

The unidentified Bee

This is a small bee about 10mm long, not uncommon, were plenty about in a few locations, but I'm not sure these images will help identification or if it is even possible (Anyone with a recommendation on a book for bees/wasps etc as well as insect ID's I'd be happy to hear about them, I am lacking in these areas).

unknown bee

unknown bee

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