Sring has sprung

What a beautiful day we are having today, first in what feels like so long. On that note my daughter (Bo) and I decided on a walk around the lake (and down the river a bit as well), a perfect time to soak up some much needed sunshine and see what spring has to offer us so far. And we were not disappointed.

On leaving the house we saw our first butterfly of the year a large white in the next door neighbours hedge, always pleasing to see the first and it was the first of many in total we saw the 1 large white and 10 Brimstone's (no photos I'm afraid).

First Bee of the year (not great shot but pleased to see the bugs back in my life).

Spring flower

The air was full of some, there were butterflies all over and even spring flowers popping up, but it was the wonderful 10 mins we spent watching a pair of Mute Swans nest building that made the walk special for us. Watching as he carefully pulled up reeds and passed them back for his mate to put in position filled Bo with total wonder and I had to drag her away (even though 5 mins before she had been hungry and thirsty).

Passing the reeds
More reed passing
My daughter really did enjoy watching them, asking questions about why they were doing it, what the eggs would look like, and the babies (I think she finally understood Cygnets were swan babies).

Watching the swans

We will return to the spot over the coming month and see how many eggs/cygnets we see develop (taking care of course to not disturb them in any way).

Finally while approaching the end of the lake side part of our walk we heard the bubbling excited call of a water rail from a thin patch of reeds and I was delighted to be able to show the stonking adult bird to Bo, although it has to be said this pleased me more than her.

A lovely day and it all added to the moth in the trap this morning (read about that here)

A final selection of other images from the walk.


Swimming coot (Bo loved the huge feet)

Sun drenched reeds.



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