When it rains......

On days like today, when the skies are dark with a solid vista of slate grey storm clouds; The rain is falling from the heavens at a constant drizzle with the occasional torrential burst; And the lake water is foreboding and brown in colour and already starting to break it's constrains in flood there is only one thing to really do.




So that is what me and my daughter did, and yes I got just as wet, and had nearly as much fun, she is just not as good at taking photos as me (well she is only 3).

We also looked at the bird life, and indeed not only do two of the geese have names (Canada geese named Blackberry and Greedy named after a feed a while ago), now one of the local Herons will forever be known as Marlon. I'm not sure where she gets the names from, we don't know anyone called Marlon, and I can't recall it from any of the kids TV she watches!!

Oh and we had some nice views of the local swans although the one pictured below wasn't impressed when Bo splashed it.

Grumpy swan
The above was taken with a 50mm lens so they came nice and close.



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