Punks, Vomit & Saftey pins

On my walk home from work on Monday morning (10th Dec) as usual I had my eyes peeled for anything interesting on the lake. and I was not disappointed this morning, tucked up close to the edge under some overhanging bushes was a sleeping little grebe (or at least what I assume was a sleeping little grebe if I'm honest it could have been an otters head, but I doubt it, it was still quite dark and it ducked under as soon as I came near).

Fortunately the short delay looking for the lake monster (alright it was small and dived I have no idea what it was) meant that I was incredibly lucky. As I approached the area that I leave the lake (Gatscomb) I heard the unmistakable twinkling bell sound of a WAXWING (the punk from the blog title) call from somewhere. I instantly looked up but could see nothing, it called again, but that was it, nothing, no more sounds, no views, but sure as eggs is eggs I had been privileged to locate (briefly) a waxwing on my patch (My friend is gutted).

Unfortunately I was unable to go back and check the area later in the day (and for that matter the whole week) as not long after walking into my house, I was laid low but a winter vomiting virus (my wonderful daughter has always been taught to share, I just wish this had been one time she hadn't!).

As for saftey pins, well you'll have to think up something for them, it just made the title seem better :)



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