A new beginning

Hi, for those of you who don't know me I am a wildlife enthusiast and amateur photographer who runs a global photographic web resource www.fatphotographer.net.

I used to write a blog about my local wood (Linford Wood Wild Wood) but as I have recently moved my source of writing has moved to a new location, a small lake in the heart of Milton Keynes - Lodge Lake.

Lodge lake is part of the flood defences of Milton Keynes it is one of a series of lakes fed by a small stream that is designed to balance the water levels and prevent flooding. Not known as a wildlife haven (compared to other MK lakes although it did hold the first pair of Cettis warblers in the region many years ago) it is mainly used by joggers dog walkers and fishermen. Surrounded by roads, industrial units and houses it doesn't scream local patch, but it will be mine from now on.

with these posts I hope to bring you some of what I see, much of what I photograph (it wont all be wildlife) and some of the "fun times" to be had by an urban lake.

Black Headed Gull taking off



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